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c/c++ course in karve nagar pune

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  • February 4, 2016
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Lotus IT Hub

c/c++ course in karve nagar pune

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Published in Online
State Maharashtra
City Pune
Location Karve Nagar

Ad Description

c/C++ Essential Training is designed to give you a thorough understanding of C++ so you can build powerful and compelling applications for yourself and for your clients. C & C++ is a full-featured, robust programming language which enable you to make interactive system applications.
The quality of C++ makes it a low-cost and reliable
programmimg language for the application development.
C/C++ Syllabus by Lotus IT Hub
Demo Classes Availble
C/C++ Topics with Practical Knowledge
1. Overview of C Language
2. Where is it used
3. Your First Program
4. Role of Compiler
5. Role of Interpeter
6. Data Type
7. How to declare Variables
8. ASCII Code Table
9. Type Casting
10. Operators in C/C++
11. Life Cycle of Integer
12. Conditional Statement
13. If else
14. Ternary operator
15. Switch case
16. Loop
17. (for,while,do while)
18. Array
19. Single Dimensional array
20. Double Dimensional array
21. Single Character Array
22. String
23. Function
24. Pointer
25. Understading Pointers
26. Pointer expressions
27. Pointer and Arrays
28. Pointers and Character String
29. Pointers to Functions
30. Pointers and Structures
Call By Reference Function
31. Structure
32. File Management In C
33. Introduction to File Management
Opening/Closing a File
Input/Output operations on Files
Error Handling During I/O Operations
Command Line Arguments
34. Structures And Unions
35. Defining a Structure
Advantage of Structure
Size of Structure
Arrays of Structures
Structures and Functions
Defining Unions
36. Dynamic Memory Allocation
37. Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation
38. Preprocessor
39. Macro Substitution
File Inclusion
Computer Control Directives
Difference Between C and C++
41. Overview of C++ Language
42. Where is it used
43. Your First Program of C/C++
44. Data Type
45. How to declare Variables
46. ASCII Table
47. Type Casting
48. Operators in C/C++
49. Life Cycle of Integer
50. Conditional Statement
51. Loop
52. (for,while,do while)

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